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BFSV Verpackungsinstitut
Hamburg GmbH

Ulmenliet 20
21033 Hamburg, Germany
Phone +49 40 42875-6046
Fax +49 40 7216378

BFSV Institute – Safe packaging for today and tomorrow

Traditionally we are experts in export packaging, stowage in containers, corrugated-board packaging, heavy goods packaging and corrosion protection. On this basis we have built up over the years a sound expert knowledge of the entire spectrum of transport packaging and specialised primary packaging systems, e.g. packaging for sterile products.

Packaging experts in Bergedorf
The BFSV packaging experts

We use the latest methods to investigate packaging materials, packaging, packing aids and entire systems of product and packaging, thereby accompanying the development of tailor-made packaging solutions.

To this end we use classic mechanical strength tests, for example, and also simulation of loads arising from transport, handling and storage – e.g. climate, vibration and compression tests.

The secret of our long-term success lies in our close connections with both the academic and practical worlds. Together with our project partners we are constantly facing up to the latest challenges and issues.

Two trends are emerging here:

  • We do not merely assess the quality of the individual packaging. We analyse and optimise entire transport chains and packaging systems. That means: analysis, transport simulation, packaging solutions.
  • Optimum security and minimum costs are no longer the sole criteria for good packaging solutions. In our research and development we are increasingly taking account of environmental aspects.