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BFSV packaging research: An opportunity for SMEs

Your guide through the subsidies jungle
Your guide through the subsidies jungle

If small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are to keep up with the international competition, there is a need for ongoing development of know-how and technology. But research and development projects are often expensive. There are numerous bureaucratic obstacles that impede access to public funding. Research projects handled by BFSV e.V. provide a genuine opportunity for companies in the packaging sector. That’s because we know our way through the “subsidies jungle”.

Via the German Research Alliance for Packaging, Waste and Environmental Technology (Deutscher Forschungsverbund Verpackungs-, Entsorgungs- und Umwelttechnik) we are a member of the Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AiF). Through this innovation network, even relatively small companies’ research projects can be funded using resources from the Federal Economics Ministry (BMWi).

  • Benefits of the network: Through AIF, BFSV has contact with more than 100 research associations.
  • Practically oriented research:: Over 50 000 companies are involved in the AIF network. This guarantees the practical orientation of research projects.
  • Established competence: 27 research projects within BFSV have already been assisted by the AIF and the Federal Economics Ministry.
  • Always on the ball: Our member companies are constantly initiating new research projects.
BFSV Network

Arbeitsgemeinschaft industrieller Forschungsvereinigungen / Allianz Industrieforschung (AiF)

Deutscher Forschungsverbund Verpackung Entsorgung Umwelttechnik e.V.

International Association of Packaging Research Institutes