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What is the purpose of a packaging test?

The packaging test simulates the mechanical and climatic stresses to which packaging is exposed during transport, handling and storage. In the laboratory, we simulate shear forces, shocks, vibrations and compressive loads. The transport packaging is additionally subjected to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Ideally, its contents remain intact.

Fit-for-purpose packaging protects for days, weeks and months, no matter where the journey takes it. Thanks to standardised packaging tests, shippers know exactly which packaging and how much is required for this.

Drop Test
Drop test

We test your packaging to the limit

When goods are travelling around the world, they are extremely exposed to vibrations, shocks, fluctuating temperatures and levels of humidity. By performing a transport test on shipment-ready packages and load units, we reveal any weaknesses in good time.

In our accredited testing laboratory in Hamburg, we work in accordance with national and international standards for packaging tests. Here we develop custom-designed packaging solutions in which the specific components of products, packaging and means of transport work together perfectly.


Packaging testing in the laboratory

We work with proven test programmes for packaging testing and shipping simulation:

  • Tensile loads, e.g. for films and sterile packaging
  • Drop tests for individual packages
  • Climatic loads (temperature, humidity, changeable conditions) for entire load units
  • Vacuum tests for simulating carriage by air and use of the products in high-altitude areas
  • Vibration tests or oscillation tests for simulating shipping by train or truck

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