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Changeable trend: We can reproduce any climate

Climate chamber
The climate chamber can produce any desired temperature and humidity level.

Changing temperatures and fluctuations in relative humidity: On their long journey, products and packaging have to stand up to immense climatic stresses. Our laboratory facilities can reproduce the conditions in all climate zones:

  • Constant and cyclical climate tests on equipment, packages ready for shipment, and load units
  • Heat and cold tests from - 40°C to +300°C
  • Humidity tests
  • Water spray
  • Salt mist
  • Partial vacuum

These tests permit targeted optimisation of packaging and safe packing of products.

The competence of our test laboratories has been confirmed by accreditation bodies:
B.Eng. Philipp Gasch

B.Eng. Philipp Gasch

Phone +49 40 42875-6306

B.Eng. Sebastian Karg

B.Eng. Sebastian Karg

Phone +49 40 42875-6016