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Safety plus: Testing of hazardous goods packaging

Hazardous goods packaging
Hazardous goods involve special requirements when it comes to safe packaging.

Safety heads the list of requirements when packaging is needed for explosive, flammable, toxic or other hazardous goods. Here the legislature requires clearly defined packaging tests and regular inspections.

We are approved for testing drums, canisters, crates, sacks and combination packs. We test hazardous goods packaging made of steel, aluminium, plywood, corrugated board and plastic.

We are approved by the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) as a:

  • Monitoring body for conducting audits and monitoring tests in accordance with BAM-GGR 001
  • Test establishment for testing hazardous goods packagings, intermediate bulk containers and large packagings (IBC)

The competence of our test laboratories has been confirmed by these accreditation bodies:
B.Eng. Sebastian Karg

B.Eng. Sebastian Karg

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