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Getting it right: Optimum use of stretch film

Making optimum use of stretch film
Making optimum use of stretch film

Stretch film is a simple means of creating a connection between the load carrier and the packaged goods. In practice, the film is used generously on the principle that “a lot helps a lot”. As a rule, that is not necessary. Correct stretch wrapping saves time and money.

Our semi-automatic stretch wrapper enables us to wind stretch films in a wide variety of ways. Then we can apply the expected transport loads to the load unit we have created. In this way we can find out the best combination of film and machine parameters.

A certificate with test stamp documents the test results, the selected stretch machine parameters and the optimised winding scheme. These include:

  • Pre-stretch
  • Turntable speed
  • Carriage speed (overlap)
  • Number of top turns
  • Number of base turns
  • Application tensions for top, base and jacket
  • Film definition
  • Film consumption
  • Packing scheme and packaged product

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Sadlowsky

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