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Perfect fluting: Testing strength and quality

Corrugated board cartons
Vast quantities in use: corrugated board cartons

When it comes to shipment, corrugated board cartons are real all-rounders. Provided the quality’s right. As an accredited test institute we test all properties of corrugated board for users and manufacturers:

  • Strength tests on corrugated boards for quality determination purposes
  • Compression tests on packaging materials
  • Determining load capacity
  • Influence of climatic stresses on strength
BFSV test stamp

We perform tests and calculations to determine the suitability of corrugated board for transport purposes, and certify this with our BFSV test stamp.

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No two corrugated boards are the same. Manufacturers may use different raw materials that have specific properties. It is hardly possible for users to compare the quality, because no binding standard exists at present. On the basis of our research work and many years’ practical experience, we have developed a concept for an end use performance standard (EUPS) that would solve this proble

The competence of our test laboratories has been confirmed by accreditation bodies:
Udo Lüder

Udo Lüder

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